TSM Series 3/4 Wave Super Flex Antenna

Rated: 1000 Watts “Talk Power”

24″ Power Rated CB Antenna

Made In The USA


Rated: 1000 Watts “Talk Power”

“Super Flex” Antennas are top loaded helical wound around a 1/4″ Fiberglass Rod with “Super Flex” to help prevent breakage. S.W.R. below 1.5:1 across all 40 Channels.

24″ Power Rated CB Antenna

Part Number: TSM-3

Product Features:

Available Colors: Red-White-Blue-Black

Exclusive “VibraSorb” Anti-breakage design improves the life of the product

Broad tuning range: 26.00-29.500 MHz

1000 Watt Rating

Associated Products:

(Includes Weatherband) TSM-2 24″

(Includes Weatherband) TSM-4 48″

Fiberglass Mast Joined To Nickel Plated Brass Ferrule provides a durable and quality product to last longer

Soldered at one point and then epoxy adhesive 360 Degrees around the base of Antenna


Made In The USA