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Marvel Communications In The Beginning

George And Marvyl (Queenie) Everhardt started the business and ran it out of their house for 10 years in Hobart, Indiana.

Queenie decided at the age of 50 it was time to retire. Sheila And Mike purchased in January 1982, right after a CES Show. When signing the papers, they to decide on a Corporate Name for the Company. Since Queenie’s first name was Marvyl, that’s how Marvel Communications was created.

On March 20, 1982, the first truck arrived at 919 S Main Street from Hobart, Indiana. George And Queenie came here and trained Sheila and Mike. Marvel Communications stayed at S. Main from 1982-1989. Sheila And Mike purchased 6000 D Old Hemphill Rd in Fort Worth, Texas in 1989.

Mike And Sheila have held this Company together through many ups and downs. With Blessings from above and the dedication of our employees, Marvel Communication has stayed in business for the last 35 years and counting.

Marvel Communications Company, Inc.
6000-D Old Hemphill Road
Ft Worth Texas 76134

Phone: (817) 568-0177
Fax: (817) 293-4441

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