ST Series-1 Wave Super Tiger Antenna

1 Wave Super Tiger Antenna-ST-3 Pre-Tuned-Rate 1500 Watts “Talk Power”

Made In The USA

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1 Wave Super Tiger Antenna-ST-3 Pre-Tuned

Rate 1500 Watts “Talk Power”

These Rugged Antennas Are Top Loaded, Helically Wound Around A 3/8″ Fiberglass Rod Especially Designed For Big Rigs With Power In Mind. Come In Tunable Tips Or Pre-Tuned.

36′” CB Antenna


Part Number ST3C

Product Features:

S.W.R Below 1.5:1 Across All 40 Channels

Broad Tuning Range: 26.00-29.00 MHz

Exclusive “VibraSorb” Anti-Breakage Design Weatherband Frequency Trap

1500 Watt Rating

1 Wave

Made In The USA


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