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No Ground Antennas



With all the fiberglass now being employed on cars, min vans, motor homes, light and heavy trucks, it has become necessary for CB systems to create their own electrical “ground plane” in order to work efficiently.

When “traditional” type antennas are used on vehicles with little or no metal to serve as a radiating ground plane, the performance is extremely poor. S.W.R is usually so high that “final transistors” in the radio are blown.

“No Ground” is “No Problem” with Everhardt’s new generation of “No Ground” Antenna Systems. Redesigned for more gain and introducing our Exclusive “Super Tuner” matching system, which actually matches the Antenna so well, it will function properly even if you “hold it in your hand”.

This Unique System comes completely assembled with 18 feet of factory Pre-tuned cable with a choice of 3-way mirror, side body mount or a window bracket mount-Ready To Talk


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